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Legacy Power Investments Welcomes You

Are you ready to learn how to make money in the stock market?

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Power Moves Investment Course

This on demand self-paced 4 week course is for beginning and experienced investors that want to generate consistent income from the stock market using the POWER METHOD.  So what do you get?

  • Set the Foundation for Success

    • Set your freedom goal​

    • How to pick a broker

    • Stock Market intro

    • How to evaluate & pick healthy companies

  • Technical Analysis Part 1

    • Intro to Candlestick Anatomy

    • Learn how to buy and sell like the pros leveraging charts

    • Support setting up your workspace

  • Technical Analysis Part 2

    • Introduction to technical indicators taking your analysis to the next level​

    • Trend lines, 50 & 200 DMA, average true range, volume, RSI & bollinger bands

  • Make Power Moves with the Right Strategy

    • How to manage your risk

    • How to long term invest

    • How to swing trade

    • How to day trade

  • Bonuses

    • Learn how to Short Sell - Make money when the market falls

    • Full lifetime access to on demand videos

    • Access to private student Facebook & Telegram chat group

    • Weekly coaching calls

    • Ad hoc live calls demonstrating how to apply strategy in real-time

    • Key learning worksheets to help better retain the most important points from each milestone

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"MVP" Power Moves Advanced Course

If you're ready to level up with trading options, LEAPS and learn how to play defense by hedging your portfolio, this is definitely for you.  This advanced course includes everything from the Power Moves Investment Course plus the following:

  • GAPS Trading Strategy

    • You'll learn how to identify additional trading opportunities trading GAPS

  • Introduction to Options Part 1

    • Review of the options greeks

    • Learn how and when to buy & sell puts

    • Breakdown of how to read an options chain

  • Introduction to Options Part 2

    • Learn how and when to buy & sell calls

  • Introduction to Basic Options Strategies

    • Covered calls

    • LEAPS & quadruple witching

    • Poor man's covered call

    • Vertical Spreads

  • How to Play Defense

    • Hedging your portfolio

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Still Have Questions?

Schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call

During this call you will be able to get your questions answered to understand if our Power Moves Investment Course is the right fit for you.

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